painting is by Chitra Ganesh


Into swallowing
Not my finest
Moments layering
On ego deflated~

declaring : inflations are not
of my own making~

inflections neither
are inferences
and I speak not

Emphasis drills ditches
I may enjoy
Skimming cream
Off boiled milk~

Skimming other
Surfaces is just
my thing~

Bottom feeder I am not
Enjoy going deep
Delving into life’s

Second innings
afforded another shot
At living~
Willing player
I be~

Migrating seasonally
Mate swallow returns
summers, summering
humoring becoming my thing~

loneliness makes a strange
bedfellow yet I love
my solitary time with me~
no complaints issuing~

swallow is one
letter more than wallow
~ wallow packs
a wallop~

words gallop
in my head
I pick and choose
Reining some

Giving head
To only those
Few that gambol
Playfully tantalizing breezily~



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