Do not muffle my voice
Do not chop my chords
I will not be subdued
My thoughts need a tongue
Let them come to life

Having lived in constant shadows
Shrouded and overwhelmed
Cowering and subjugated
Prevailed by inflexible willpower
They died stillbirths

Time takes, time gives
My thoughts have emerged from bondage
Ready to fly high or go into freefall
Unrestricted, buoyant, blossoming
Into full blown self expressions

Unrestrained freedom has worked wonders
It is a miracle to be enjoyed and savored
No fear, no displeasure, no rules, no nothing
The world is suddenly attractive, joyful
Yet the price paid was too dear

Conditioned to be dutiful and fearing
Unlearning is not easy, sudden noises
Still elicit a finger of fear coursing thru
The adrenaline rushing suddenly thrills as
Self-pinching bears testimony to freedom

No more bondage
No more domination
No more subjugation
Only freedom sweet freedom
To be or not to be!

“Him that I love, I wish to be free – even from me” -Ann Morrow Lindbergh


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