Sun’s Journey


Trying to find chinks

In the foggy day’s armor

 Let Me In the sun clamors!

Sun rams hard against

The Houdini night’s back

Receding with its murky black

Strangely it has forgotten

Its offspring fog in its tearing hurry

A child whitish grey bleary

The mighty golden orb

 Expert at its job, soon

Gobbled fog burped n absorbed

Raising dismal curtain gray

Radiant sun finally had its say

Giving nature a fresh debut today

Highlighting nature’s delicate beauty

A spider’s intricate web or a filigree of

 Verdant leaves dancing off proud trees

Finally blazing across the sky

The sun calls curtains at the end of day

Still blazing a golden path on its way

(pictures posted with permission from avinashjee) 


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