Sunday Musings -sugar and spice

Doggedly walking up the slope
Painful step after painful step
Caught cutest sight on my side
Of the street, approaching me

Silly bundle of tan fur with one floppy ear
Over right eye, pink tongue lolling outside, red
Bandana around neck, cutest canine Mexican
Bandito on all fours, heart stopping puppy dog

Pain forgotten, my steps marched jauntily
Towards the masseuse’ place all of eighteen
Long blocks from point A to point B and
Plethora of novel sights of life, to and fro

An old lady, salty hair tightly pony-
Tailed, back bent half, ninety degrees
Pushing laden grocery cart up the hill and
Shockingly overtaking, mortifying me

Cranking up speed, I quickened
My gait to her overtake, but alas
My face and jaw remained fallen heart
Missed many beats accepting “gall” defeat

Sadly out of shape, even though lively mind
Somersaulting, processing, outpacing everything
Limbs and skeleton laconically yawned, staying
Blasé, refusing to sweat nor get overly excited

Gorgeous young blond was walking a Great Dane
And a pup slightly larger than toy dog, both leashed
A sight that filled me with giggles at its incongruity
And then she too, passed me by, to my slight chagrin

Shocking half pink, taunting tomahawk haircut
Pierced brows, tongue, lower lip, tattooed limbs
A punk tapping hard phone in phone booth, hoping
Quarters like pennies from heaven would slip out

Hastily holding close my small cross body bag
I passed him by, eyeing him warily as one would
A bird of paradise trying to mentally take a pot shot
With my camera eye, capturing image for posterity

Passing families walking to church for mass prompted glance at self
At my thick Thorlo socks, ultra comfy Mephisto sneakers, Ralph Lauren
Shades, 50 SPF top, khaki Capri, lesportsac mini and mollified conscience
Saying my heart was committed to restore itself to former pristine quality~

Nary a doubt about that, yes siree…
I do have iron deficiency, suoer love
Irony and laughter at own expense and
Own delusions, bamboozled bungling~


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