Sugarcoated Pill

We all wish to make nice
Say stuff full of sugar n spice

Life is of a different gauge
As it speaks another language

We understand this lingo really well
But to fit in, turn deaf and do not dwell

Heeding to inner voices can be rather dicey
So, we make nice and speak words  sugary n spicy

Gone are the days of innocent lovely childhood
Those halcyon days of hoarding shells n driftwood

On majority, the rose colored glasses become clear
Things appear for what they truly are and give fear

Like the morning sunlight puts a clear perspective
To night’s cloaking of matters to give a short reprieve

Yet we cannot keep running away, indefinitely
We have to accept reality without ignoring it blindly

We have to bite the bullet and call a spade a spade
Responsibility as adults demands we be not afraid

Weeding out societal ills needs a lot of gumption
And we have to meet this challenge and take action

Rise to the occasion and be a person of such ilk
Proving to oneself worthy of their mother’s milk

Dispensing judiciously to society, sugarcoated pills
Enabling you to rid it, of its many insidious ills

So, take courage and meet challenges head on
Dealing tactfully with a steel fist in a soft glove

You can’t run a society or cope with its problems if people are not held accountable for what they do. –John Leo, in US News & World Report


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