Painting “the poet’s stigmata’ is by James Honzik

Fiction is the truth inside the lie.
—Stephen King
(Un)biblically yes
but heart does
bleed inside
love’s folly
bought me
romancing words, crazy
heart fell for uber gifted
beating down rib cage
this heartache was self
sought, how to manage
fate delivered
fiction is truth inside
the lie, mind conjures
plausible scenarios
lover of sweet tart edible
admixes, am conditioned
to accept fate dished
grappling sanity firmly
I daily barter inner angst
for serenity
mind bent
malleable maybe
pliable not
obdurate maybe
inflexible not
life’s frequent kicks
have honed survivor instincts
such -that sleep awake
I manage to deflect
lethal arrows
aimed my way
or is it the angels
hovering over shoulders
steering to safety
know not


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