Need no soapbox, pulpit stands.

Scrupulously scrutinizing innards often emerge, wanting.

Have made peace with what is.  why the heck not.

It’s always been about the journey never destinations.

Measuring of self by self is tedious activity and am the queen of lazybones a sobriquet given by dad long time ago.

Life, ultimate teacher helps develop thick skin, stiff upper lip, clear eyes, bright smile and a tongue often teetering on the acerbic ready to fall off the wagon, honed by growing years’ litany of fending off wounding words drawing first blood and so forth…

I am no teacher, merely a ticking time bomb ready to go off in eternal sleep to awaken in a gentler world filled with kindred spirits, goodies of my choice.

Why ever not? no harm in there?

Bina Gupta
age : years 59.99 + shipping and handling


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