State of Mind

Buddha Statue, Bamian, Afghanistan
“If one sits on the head of the Great Buddha and looks across the green valley,
framed by the arch of the grotto and dotted with fort-like manors that are
almost tiny villages, he has a view and a sensation of rare beauty.”—
~Maynard Owen Williams, National Geographic magazine, October, 1931

**In 2001 Taliban soldiers mutilated and blasted the soaring
statues of Buddha in Bamian Afghanistan- a world heritage site

State of Mind

Firefly words
Streaked across
Sleep refreshed
Mind at the edge
Of awakening

Of life’s curved ball
Uncertainties rippled back
With clarity from the depths
Of time

For sake of simplicity
Disentangled balance
Of my present life, hitherto
Frightfully tipped in a single

I gently palmed
These glowing words
Coupling them in sentences
Cohesively into that train of thought
Chugging on track

Realized that my outer edifice
Is like those Buddhas of Bamian*
Time, tide and dame luck eroded
My inner sanctuary’s aura however
Remains steadfast

I stay paused in this condition, moving
Constantly without respite, emoting
Going through the motions of daily
Living, playacting in this commerce
Of life

I empathize with those erect
Statues standing in middle of life’s
Busiest crossroads, stony eyed
Ever tickling the sky’s belly
Chuckling inside

*image is from wiki


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