Splintered Dream

first lusty cry
Delighted parents
Gnarled family tree sprouted
endless wait ended!

Unkind Time repetitious
Pregnancies oborted
agony for company
Hope Teetering on brink

My advent uncorked
Pent up feelings, dammed
Gusher bombarding

Surviving on fours, twos
firmly my way, suffering
Stoically cooing geysers

School garnered privacy, with
average stature face unthreatening
I existed nondescriptly, happily
leadership material, none!

College was another kettle
came into own mettle
statistics numbers, my thing
I, wizard

Scholastic laurels
economics my forte
teaching my niche
parents preened

marriage and
dilemma, identity crisis
pretty things lacklustre
men thralled, courage mustered

Clueless parents
played cupid, stupid
I wined and dined numbed
My predilection,hidden

Grandparental dream bit dust
fresh branch on family tree
twig dried, clan cried
desperate measures ..

grafted fruit hung on family tree
A miracle of science, nature
The stork made delivery
One fine day, nine months later..

~~ ~~ ~~

“Even a family tree has to have some sap.”
-Los Angeles Times Syndicate

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