Tears from heaven congealing white
Unblemished and virginal in sunlight

Heaven’s white sprinkling on cookies
Flavored ice cream sundae’s toppings

God’s signature, an evenhanded distribution
All get it, be it modest abode, palatial mansion

Covering bountiful nature in a cloaking secrecy
White pristine face shining in innocent glory

Snowmen eating carrots n many a snowball fight
Giggling kids in bright parkas beating frostbites

Crisscrossing skiers, zooming zipping revelers
Celebrating seasonal bounty, winter’s thrillers

Southbound birds via skyway seeking safe havens
Animals and people emerge wearing coats mittens

Frosty brisk stepped up rhythm of life resonates
Rubbing hands, pink cheeks, warm hats on pates

Booted and suited, multi layered like a circular onion
Smarting eyes in chilly air, peeling unpeeling actions

Snow innocent pure driven guileless white snow
Gives both misery n joy like a troublesome beau!

ring-billed gull

all pictures from internet- not mine


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