six word stories – reworked

Hemingway, with his creation of the six-word story,
combined poetry and drama into a short form that has
grown in popularity while remaining difficult to achieve.
For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn. —Ernest Hemingway

Longed for him. Got him. Shit. —Margaret Atwood

Well, I thought it was funny. —Stephen Colbert

Revenge is living well, without you. —Joyce Carol Oates

All those pages in the fire. – Despair, Janette Burroway

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Seriously life is no laughing matter

Laughing matter is what life is, seriously

cutting smiley faces word cookies seriously

Jealousy nip in bud stop flowering

Two timing bigamist roasted fired solo

Glorious autumn natures last hurrah applause

Mind boggling contortionist untangled at last

Terse levity with brevity always rocks

Opponents politicians woo glue sundry blues

four eyes, love marriage, kids, old

doyen’s family sad, young widow happy

cage open bird flew cat happy

mafia twins identical, police mystified conned

orphaned  newborn abandoned old father remarried

big note, discarded pants, beggar rejoices
~bina gupta



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