she left, she stayed (reworked)


Bereft, dry eyed
I tried to piece
Recalling what your
Gentle eyes, heart’d said

Your departing words
Proved prophetic but being
Your mirror image, I had
to experience painful phases
Firsthand to finally arrive at

You left, you stayed
My feet slow to full stops
When I see a Madonna’s gentle
Visage, sorrow replete and
Love, understanding thereof
Salving succor soothes
Warming my bewildered
Blunderings that I forget
bleeding nicks, cuts rendered
By razor tongues, destiny

Roving countries
Various continents
Had warming encounters
With reaching out, beckoning
Eyes, gently chiding, forgiving

I feel I’ve arrived
No longer abandoned
Light and warmth that the
Church Madonna renders feels
Same as the shawl you left behind
You went, you stayed
I was orphaned
Not really
You continue
to Embrace

(Feels rather sacred, this meeting~ I have great affinity to all the Madonna(s) I encounter in various churches during our travels)


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