Significantly worked
Into the woof and warp
Of my waxing embryo
Were your unfailing
Morning routines,
Gentle singsong spoken
Folklore and parables
From the great epics

Sheen and incandescence
Of those bytes, saved on
My being’s hard drive, steer
In right choice pathways
As I fumble on roads not
Travelled, testing waters
Of my resilience and your
Nonpareil upbringing

Eyes often tear up
As I recall the softness
Of your sparkling white lap
Co-mingled with fragrance
Of fresh sandalwood paste
Curling incense and smiling
Face of Krishna resplendent
In our small wooden temple

Daily feasting inner spirit
On your handcrafted shawl
Passed on by your middle
Child, I keep in touch with you
Building a “halo” of your love
Around my impish quirkiness
That time has neither tamed nor
Reshaped to general acceptance

As I advance in age
Dreams ferry me to gentler
Times and then the raucous
Crows show me the hard
Faces of karma’s coin; tossing
Turning I repeat mantras
Taught by you, praying
To whosoever heeds

Wafting pleas float as stringed kites
In my dream wrought starry skies
Dotted by flying Chinese lanterns amidst
Bursts of fireworks and I find myself
On daddy’s shoulders excitedly clapping
Enchanted by fully lighted public places and
Lighted ships on Arabian Sea celebrating republic
Day with its accompaniment of noisy fanfare

I get jolted
By the alarm
I take bearings
Find myself in bed
And realize it was just
A midsummer nights
“Longing” Dream~
Painting is by van Gogh


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