sepia postcards


dangling feet at life’s ledge
Swiss cheese mind ready
for a fall, smilingly recalls

whooping cries
of pure joy at air tosses
swung by adoring arms

guilty pleasures eked
from pleasantly reeking pickle
jars, raw guava, mango trees

enormous zest for life
tiny feet playing hopscotch
hide and seek on roofs, streets

weepy first day of school matching
leaky monsoons, brandy laced milk
soothing sounds of morning azans

church bells eager for conversions
scissor- bearing nun ready to undo
mini skirts to maxis at every turn

temple bells tugging ancient spirit
when times were uncomplicated
needs were simply basic

Home filled with warmth, laughter
busy as beehive getting on with life
mending daily wear, tears

enchanting folklores, narratives
carried forward at festivals, feasts
bustling fairs at school and streets

summer vacations’ overnighter trips
hawker calls, endless trains on rails,
childhood plonking in laps of dears

early morning gossip and chatter
on attached roofs, piping hot tea
dunking in home made biscuits

hookah gurgles, cow, calf’s hungry moos
snorts from frisky horse tied to his buggy
lively gang doing parikrama* of holy places

delicious halwa from golden temple
Poori Chana feasts at Company Garden
after feeding already fat fish in holy pools

Exhilarating morning air admixing sounds
from temple bells, bullock carts, buggies
dusty sleepy town readying for awakening

life’s twists and turns, second helpings,
turns for better, turns for worse weathered
under karmic duress, scant choices

c’est vie, que sera sera, went with flow
firmly tied to inner real, aware at the end no
one but no one can pip me at winning post

dangling feet at life’s ledge
Swiss cheese mind ready
for a fall, smilingly recalls



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