Sensual Deja vu(s)


Brings heady
Aromas wafting
From dreamscapes

Medium vats
Simmering delicacies over fired
Cow patties, redolent with sequenced
Spice formulae in measured pinches~

Freshly churned butter
Drooling over just rolled
Lightly roasted unleavened roti accompanied
By robust flavored mustard oil marinated pickles

Hunched over grandma speaking in monosyllables
To family cook with furrowed brow over lunch’s
Stuffed kulchas baking in heated clay tandoor smoking
On house rooftop hailing chilly winter’s toothless sun~

A mild furor of squawking, squabbling, squealing
Crows and cousins thoroughly enjoying freedom’s
Let loose feeling after being cooped up year round
In city’s concrete jungle and school’s endless tethering

*Tandoor – clay oven and kulcha is hand rolled flattened
Bread stuffed with various ingredients like onions and fresh
Paneer(cheese) etc. etc.
*image is from internet*


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