seize, seizure – word play

BGIPadNov2014 3140

Mind being a curious
Critter tends to suffer
seizures any old time!

By wanderlust as it is,
It’s of a terminal kind

I’ve often heard tell
“carpe diem” – strangely
Mind stays ( un)seized

It tends
to “carpe noctem”
flapping own batwings

starry stillness, moon free
or flooded provides ample
zooming space and time

Often being in jaws of such
seizures , we open our pocket-
books, take hikes!
The act or an instance of seizing or the condition of being seized.
A sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion, as in epilepsy or another disorder.
A sudden onset or sensation of feeling or emotion.
Amitte diem is one opposite form of ‘carpe diem’.
Amitte occasionem is another. Either way, the meaning in English is
‘Let the opportunity slip by’.
carpe nocte or carpe noctem is seize the night


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