Seesaw Thursday 3.6.14



Painting is internet sourced (now if only I can psyche myself to be this thin!)

See Saw Thursday 3.6.14

Holding verve  In fist, curved  For tighter grip

Quietly snuck out  Not disturbing softly  Snoring night owl hubby

Packed waiting room  Lacked chatty warmth  from astringent staff

Business as usual  Cut and dried while I Further mauled my fingers

Finally the sword fell and Was ordered to lose weight or  Else join ranks of pill poppers

Half stunned yet sober  Pushed self into the street  For next exciting appointment

Had a taste of what a model  Goes through with professional  Hair, make-up and photo- shoot

Photographer stated he’d never  Seen a smile such as mine- whose  Incandescence lit up whole room

Hugging those cheery words close  I shrugged off the doctors warning  For later when I finally returned home

Meanwhile rebooting verve that’d crestfallen,   painfully descended steep staircase  Ambling leisurely towards next appointment

With two hours to kill in between  I got myself pampered at nail salon  And as she massaged feet and legs

Wild thoughts careened inside head  Hastily I took out my mini IPad to “stay”  Train and calm my over-active puppy brain

After fat-free sub from children’s menu  I browsed bric-a-brac in ethnic stores’  Beguiling décolleté alluring windows

Time zoomed by quickly and I made  My way to final appointment for an  Hour long massage and deep sleep

Juices depleted  Steam “stamped” out  Sizzle fizzled, I got home

Elusive sleep  Was yet another  Writhing thingy~



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