sea of pain


Swimming in a sea pf pain
I feel myself drowning
Maudlin tears are not for me
I surface, frowning…
Looking for scraps and bits
From care-givers I come up empty
For them its old hat and hence
they aren’t having any..
Diving surfacing diving
I go for courage minnows
Schools of ferocious piranhas
Make it hard going~
Not born to be a quitter
I begin uphill task of rehab
Slowly moving limbs on fire
Fired up~
Tears are never far behind
Emanating from gamut’s eye-lids
Emotional debris does carry few
Honest bravura tidbits
Right knee is one big bruise
Red and angry they assure colors
Will turn like spring to autumn
You shall see..
Taking comfort in baby steps
I cheer myself for a bit
Dislodging bits between teeth
That had made me angry
is another day
A new dawning
An end to start a new beginning


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