Sea of Life

One learns to float upon the waters and respect the sea in order to survive…Katherine Wyatt Trinity

Holding a conch to my ear

I hear its call and rush

To submerge self

Life’s waters to safely

Trudge one must wear

Safety vests

Armed with implicit faith

I plumb its depths


My beloved floats on it

I hear his Pied Piper

Flute’s call

I need not pilgrimage

To far flung places, he resides

In every beating heart

Some have shut doors

To their inner flames

Lost in morass of grief, losses

I bank my inner fires

Steadying my flame

To ride what life tosses

Plumbing the oceans

Is never a cakewalk

I handcrafted own raft

Confident in his love

I dive unafraid

Celebrating bestowed





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