Scales and getting there..


*image of Freda Kahlo is from internet*
Checks and balances
Ploughed birth bonds
For germs of truth

Scale tipped heavily
Decided to backtrack
Leave stars in eyes intact

Skimming on surface
Taking things at face value
Why not –no more judge jury

Why buy grief
When joy can be had
Gave self a mental tweak

Jupiter is shaking my material
World some but now that my feet
Are firmly grounded, weathering it

Rivers and oceans endlessly hug shore
Ignoring nature delivered setbacks, leaving
Conches behind as testimony of happy songs

Now I physically expand heart’s ribcage
An exercise given by my caregiver
To better withstand karmic punches

I’ve chosen to be neither a loser nor a winner
Acceptance makes for a smoother blood flow
See, hear, sense with heart, eyes play minor role

Have a long way to go
Will get there

( and now for that lotto ticket )-


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