Sanguine Flags


traumas sit deep rooted in psyche
Scabbed scars, insides unhealed
Bide time to again turn livid

unshed tears
bite lips, tightly clenched
Competing with shut fists

Some poet friends touch on subjects
that are like stepped upon landmines and
My heart once again gets blown to smithereens

Lesson in this for me
Is to never use words carelessly unless
Life experiences have touched them deeply

Vermilion ripples
Snaking rivers in dark hair
Get washed away in white clothed widow’s peak~

Heart dumb(ed) numb
Too shocked to beat
Gets shocked jump start, new turned over life’s leaf ~

Dried saline tears
Rejoin time pressed petals
In dusty well thumbed book sleeves~

*Painting of widow is by Ram Kinkar Baji *


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