Childhood and sandcastle are akin with a short life span
Both to be relished fully as time and tide wait for no man

Teens come upon us suddenly making us spurt and sprout
Sandcastles too get better defined in these hands no doubt

Youth comes along merrily and emotions take front seat
Exploration n awareness bring love, quickening heartbeat   

dreams dreamed, sandcastles built
enjoyed living without any guilt

High on cloud nine, in gold palace fine
entwined by loving arms, blissful, divine

Throes of exquisite first raptures
brief glowing fireflies captured

embedded treasure trove of cherished memories
gleaming sun catchers of tender love’s trophies

open sesame gained easily alibaba treasures
all in palms of hand without tough measures

four hands touched created dreamy castle in sand
promising eternal love beneath blue sky and land

the ocean heard and laughed at this innocence
shaking in mirth sending riptides as hindrance

love nest of sandcastle gulped in many a stride
telltale signs remained not, on beach, woe betide

lost grandeur of what once had been
handful of promises with lovely sheen

warming and fanning eternal love flames
at the hearth of sandcastle’s fireplace

ensconced lovingly in mansion built on sandy stretch
passing meteor briefly held, joyful catch, unlatched



“A hero is one who digs the moat while you build your sand castle.” By Sylphia, from internet


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