Sacred Font (for mom)

Sacred Font (for mom)

Words elude as I pry
them loose from mind’s wall
for justifiable fit

Reverence mingles with tears
A soul so gentle and loving, a mighty
Heart that’d touched countless many

An unworldly mother of three, innocently
Gullible to a fault, often taken for rides
By smooth talking strangers, friends

Nothing sullied her faith in humanity
Sharing on-hand freely with whosoever
knocked on door~ daily, nightly

Implicit faith elevated her tiny stature, dressed
in immaculate white saris she unabashedly sang
In gatherings- her out of tune voice quivering

Folks smiled indulgently,  letting her be
as if she was their beloved child, not friend
or neighbor~ such was her sacred aura

Our rebellious ways she controlled by misty
disappointed eyes shaming us and we quickly
behaved vowing to never let  her down

Afflicted early, she self managed with dignity
pain failed in marring her face , carrying herself
With grace , living life courageously on own terms

Once due to cancelled trains I was helplessly caught in a human
Stampede, her non-stop prayers brought me home unharmed with not
A single hair out of place, nor any body part broken, miraculously

One day she decided to call it quits and gave up on life
The malady she had beaten returned after a score of years
Not prepared to suffer once again, she chose to live no more

Willing herself to die- she let go of her life surrounded by
All her friends, distant and close kin –after seeking forgiveness
From each and everyone thus reconciling her ledger of life

The night vigil is one I will remember to my dying day, as we bid
Godspeed to her departing soul –the image of her deity became her face
As wonderstruck we beheld this sight, happy she was finally home


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