Cracking finger joints
Of nut shells in eager…
Kernels surprised
Aping life full of promises
Deliveries erratic
Self taught
Gulps gracefully
Swallowed helped
Go whole nine yards
Now All “dished”
Having dangled
Feet literally at earth’s edge
Crisscrossing painted skies
Canopying diverse continents
Have realized what truly
Delighted was already inside
Agog with enchantment
Experienced “aha” moments
Merely reinforced and
Rendered strength
To what steadily
Stayed kindled inside
Willingly stripped away
Self beguiles de-masking mind
Allowed healing vibrations
To tingle and rejuvenate
Jaded pores flooding
Light inside
Day one known and
Life reinforced I wait
At fate’s curbside
Impatient soul aching
To embrace true
one and only Beloved~


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