Robin And his pet Dog Goofy

The little boy was ready to move on. He was missing his sister and wanted to find her. Early next morning he bid the innkeeper and his children goodbye and left for the forest. The innkeeper had packed a generous lunch bag for the boy’s onward journey.

The forest was cool and misty.  Bravely the boy decided to keep going as long as there was light.  As the evening shadows lengthened and the dappled sunlight played hide and seek with the tree boughs, the boy decided to find a cozy spot to lie down for the night.  He was of slight built and a dry hollow tree would easily do for him.  He gave a sweeping glance all around when suddenly the ground under his feet caved in and he was dragged underground.  Wildly he tried to hang on to the undergrowth but was sucked into the earth and the ground closed up after him. 

The boy came to after what seemed an eon.  He found himself resting on a soft bed and his sister lovingly hovering over him with eyes full of love.  His eyes opened wide and then his heart stopped.  His sister’s eyes were sorrowful.  He hugged her tight and asked about her sadness.  She replied that she missed him terribly and even though she longed to be with him she had been given another task on the other side of the world.  There was another orphan baby who needed her.  She had been allowed one night with him before leaving.  The boy requested his sister to tell him another story.  The sister agreed and said listen:

There was a small family consisting of a young doctor Sam Souza and his wife Mona who was a busy interior designer.  They had a seven year old son Robin.   They loved him dearly and as they were busy career people, they had asked the boy’s maternal grandmother to come and stay with them.  This way the boy would not be lonely and they would not be worried either.  They also bought a small dog, a beagle named “Goofy” for their son Robin.  Robin loved his granny dearly and the pet dog put him on seventh heaven.  Both the dog and child were inseparable.  They did everything together.  Only when the boy was in school, “Goofy’ kept vigil by the window and bounded out even when Robin was a mile away from home. 

One day, while playing in the schoolyard, a bully pushed Robin hard and he fell and suffered concussion.  At once the principal called Dr. Souza to come and get him.  In the meantime, the school nurse did her best to look after Robin who was as white as a sheet.  The bully too was feeling bad for a change.  Also the principal had made him do 200 sit ups holding both his ears in front of the school.  Everyone had jeered at him but he finished his punishment full of regret. 

Robin stayed home for two days.   Now boys will be boys and he was a bundle of energy and asked granny if he could play outside with Goofy.  Granny agreed and both went out with a ball.  They played catch for a while and then the next ball went further than intended and Robin asked Goofy to fetch.  Goofy loped off quickly.  Robin waited for him to come back but he only heard a tiny squeal and then there was silence.  He ran towards the trees where the ball had landed and to his horror he saw a python slithering away and by the lump in its body, it appeared that it had swallowed poor Goofy.  Robin was horrified, scared and then tearful.  He ran home shouting granny grannyyyyy!  Granny came running out with his dad Sam who had just come home to check on his son.  Tearfully between sobs Robin told them that a python had eaten his beloved Goofy.  They had no reason not to believe the boy who was above average in intelligence.  Also he could identify animals from a very young age.  Dr. Sam called the forest department and reported the incident.  He was informed that indeed a python had escaped from its enclosure from the nearby zoo and they had been searching for it whole morning. 

Robin was sad and missed Goofy terribly.  His parents wanted to get him another puppy but he was not ready.  They decided to leave him alone with his grief.  In the evenings after school Robin would play alone with the ball hitting it on the back wall of the house and catching it.  He was missing “goofy” and in a fit of anger he hit the ball hard and it went farther then he had intended down the road.  He ran to fetch it when suddenly all hell broke lose.  A car came swerving and would have hit the boy but for the dog that came flying out of nowhere and pushed Robin out of harm’s way!   As Robin got up and dusted himself he saw “Goofy’ vanishing into thin air.  His heart leapt in joy.  Goofy had saved him.  In the meantime the angry car driver came to him and shook him.  He told him to never do that in future.  He advised that Robin should always look in both directions before crossing the road.  If the dog had not saved him, he would’ve lost his life today.  Then he enquired about Dr. Souza.  He had important documents for him. Robin took the stranger home who told all present the miraculous escape of Robin and the wonder dog.  

Everyone was stunned. They informed the insurance agent that the dog had died a month ago!  He was shocked to learn this bit of news. 
He described the dog in detail and now they were certain that Goofy had returned from dead to save Robin’s life.

Note: Animal ghosts — or phantimals — even those of dinosaurs can be seen at certain locations that have a terrible history,  it seems as though there may be a sort of “warp” or portal where apparitions can more easily materialize


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