Rhythm and Tension – soul search

Warring shades
Dark Hades
Shiny pearly gates

Black and white
Black or white
… Grey confusion

Fusing separating
Sifting sieving
Weaving interlocking

Blocking shocking
Viable untenable
Siamese twins

Surgically parted
Symbiotic bonds
What’s right

What’s wrong
Spinning life
Going on and on

Life’s conundrum
Shaking humdrum
Stirring awakening

Soul’s endless quest
Puzzling, thought provoking,
black or white

Life can’t be cut and dried
The two shall fuse
Says the muse

Harmony needs notes
Many for symphony
Life’s rhapsody

Universal sounds
Reverberate, abound
Sacred chants

Cannot recant
Simply comprehend
Penetrate dark

Emerge to dawn
Of knowledge
and Enlightenment


image is from google images


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