(short story- fictionionalised- yet essence is based on true story)

Keti was restless. She felt a sense of impending doom. Then the family jeweler had walked in with a beautiful necklace. He had informed that the order was complete as promised  after handing her the necklace. He had demanded thirty thousand balance owed to him by Sunny. She was mystified and sent him away saying it will be paid by end of day. She waited impatiently for Sunny to turn up.

Two hours later, whistling cheerfully Sunny returned and was accosted by Keti who quizzed him about the necklace. Sunny said that it was his friend’s who wanted to surprise his ladylove and had asked him to order it and had paid him money for it. Keti was mollified and had calmed down. Lately she had noticed whiffs of perfume other than her own on his shirts even though she found no telltale signs of lipstick anywhere. Yet she was beginning to feel insecure and suspected that Sunny was straying. She decided to visit her soothsayer. She got an amulet to tie on his arm and managed to do so saying that of late her left eye had been blinking and she wished to protect him. Sunny acquiesced without a murmur.

Sunny’s boss had given a gala dinner dance at the Ritz  Ballroom and all the biggies in fashion industry were going to attend. Sunny and Keti too were getting ready. Sunny was wearing his tux and looked very dashing while Keti’s delicate beauty had been enhanced by a light grey Grecian gown and matched black pearls to embellish the overall stunning effect. She looked like a Greek Goddess. They made a grand entrance and were at once surrounded by friends. The party was in full swing.
Keti decided to powder her nose. She was about to enter the cloakroom when she overheard Rita, Sunny’s boss’s wife tell her friend that the necklace that everyone was admiring had been gifted to her by Sunny who was  her current lover. Keti was at once stunned and then furious. She was so very angry that there and then she had a nervous breakdown and fell down in deep faint. Hearing the fall, people gathered all around.   A  doctor friend checked her and declared she had died due to heart failure, stunning all. Sunny was filled with grief and remorse.
Funeral was arranged and after keeping the body on ice for a good 12 hours, they were about to lift her from the floor to place her on stretcher for her last journey when Keti sat up!! Everyone stared in horror and amazement. Then they cheered. Keti looked fresh and calm and only recalled a bright lighted tunnel which she had traversed but on reaching the end, she was sent back by a booming voice saying “it was not time yet”.
Chastened by this event and miracle, Sunny turned  over a new leaf and became a devoted
husband making his two sons and wife very happy.

Keti and Rita are not on talking terms any more.
Because I’ve been on the receiving end of infidelity, I know how much it hurts.
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I don’t want to sell myself short. You hurt your spouse, not so much by the infidelity, but by the negative feelings about yourself that you bring home.
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