Report Card

Detaching yourself
From life’s vine
You swaddled me
With one last glance
Warming with waves
Of pure maternal love
Concerned caring ~

I’ve hugged that love
To myself, keeping
It close to my heart
Lone talisman, essence
Of pure distilled emotion~
Untainted~ not put on
In this life~ as I chug along~

Frail legs of my sensibilities
Life laddered attempt to climb
Descend the countless rungs of
the flimsy ladder of my letdowns
And having visited them
One last time, I’ve arrived
At pinnacle of my realization

I’ve made myself invincible
Warding off batter by false promises
Meaningless words, loaded love
Exploitations that can wreak havoc
Gouge and wound my tender heart
Old scars are now stitched swabbed
On way to healing, new scars disbarred

You who hover over my shoulders
My loving angels concerned caring
Know that your gawky silly girl child
Has finally grown up~ life experience
Speckles that drew blood, all sutured
Bandaged, mind heart soul balanced
In sync~your girl has achieved Zen



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