Reminiscing down reminiscing lanes

Reminiscing down reminiscing lanes
Sweet sour funny hilarious song refrains
Waltz steps in the head as moving trains
Hula hoop,, twist, tango, cha cha,  rumba
Beatles, Elvis, Cliff Richard, Paul Anka
All vying jostling to get a first number

We were a handful and real terrors
Afraid of none except one bell teacher
Bloodshot eyes mean ruler not a preacher
To duck her, gentle nuns did we run after
Locking Ms Lydia in, did we once quiz her
About birds bees excitedly did we grill her

Full of knowledge, new torch and soft tread
At night, Lady Chatterly’s lover we all read
Giggling idiotically, we only half understood
Changing body, swinging moods, polite, rude
We confirmed nuns were bald hiding one eve
In their quarters, one summer, before final leave

In college, in first year standing hours outside the loo
Misguided by seniors for principal’s office, did we rue
Sheepishly crept home vowing never to be taken for ride
Savvy, had a ball, bunking n studying, taking all in stride
Kleptomaniac, potheads, nymphomaniacs, lovers all there
Had fun, sans experiments, enjoyed college, got  more aware
Finish, end?  Does is ever, am still living it up and learning!!!


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