Clucking and stroking ruffled

Remains of yesterday

Hoping to stem its spill

Into my yet to dawn today,

Determinedly decanted

Bile that had puddle (d)

Belly in drips and drams~ 

Fighting the system
systematically while setting

Down the nightmarish cross

Of altruism unnecessarily

Long time carried, to the

Resounding cheer of martyred

Shoulders unburdened finally ~  

Turning deaf ears to self

Created expectations’ taken

For granted cues, obdurately

Considered self first, first

Time regardless of fallout’s

Recrimination debris, spraying

Over my person, indiscriminately ~  

Putting self after, is not always

What it is cracked up to be

Saint I am not, never was,

Only some remnants of genteel

Upbringing made me so laden

With burdens that I could scant

Carry and have load shed, finally~


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