Recycle – an experiment

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Recycle – an experiment

Today I’ve decided to attempt something absurd at face value and maybe hit pay dirt.

One knows about recycling material – tangibles – how about recycling – feelings, emotions, past experiences.

Now I’ve shut eyes to revisit something hair raising, entering skin of that time frame.
Cornered like a helpless mouse with no avenues of escape, racing pulse competing
with heart beats, I became breathless, started thrashing about helplessly…

How to recycle that restlessness, abject fear, ultimately healing that time bit?

I knelt beside frightened me of past, gently taking her hands in mine. Next, I
channeled a mix of anger, courage and fighter spirit, rekindling faith’s wick flickering
feebly inside.

Sat next to her, shoulders touching and asked her to leave everything to our
blue beloved. He will extricate us as remember in your over the top exuberant
devotion you had requested grief to enable you to always stay connected, chanting his name with every inhalation, exhalation…

He has merely granted your wish and now you can ask him to ease up as you’ve had enough.

Fear and consternation of that time frame, magically lightened as often we forget what we’ve asked for and then grumble when wish is granted and cannot handle it

…this is my story only

Faith can be a weird critter but has never let me down…

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