“RE” – reflection

“Re” – reflection

Retro parade

Of life’s

Black white

Reel to reel

Left me



Bursting with

Would be

Could be

Should be

Only if, then(s)

Sighs replete


There is

No retake

No prefix to fix, once

Seconds minutes hours

Thunder under

Time’s bridge

Whistling shuffling

That was it



At the edge

Facing destiny’s

Thrown gauntlet

Shaken not beaten

Best NOT

To retrace, instead

Take a leap forward

With implicit faith

RE in regrets

Are futile at best

To get on in life

With time in hand

On own terms is best

Obliterating the rest

Life‘s lesson number one

Destiny’s dealt

Hand thus finally won

**picture is from internet:getnidoskidos.com


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