Rating Pain


They ask me to rate my pain
Day and night, lost in a fog of narcotic pills i mumble a number at them. Lost in the valley of dolls these past two plus weeks, i’d weakened my will.
Then, tired of being bored and out of mind, I reclaimed my will and zest for life. Thrown back covers of maudlin lethargy and now I need to roar back.
Management of pain will be with zero oxy. Just regular pain killers and other palliatives. Rome was not built in a day and I am going back to being normal with a brand new knee, pain free. So, help me god.

Thursday June 30, 2015
Day 1 minus narcotics
So far so good – nausea has almost beat a hasty retreat and am slowly smiting the foggy gargoyles in my head.
Weather has been gross at best and whiny at least. We even had hailstones, briefly. With new A/c in my room and my first win at a game of bingo, I feel pretty good of myself.
Its mind over matter – one mantra I continue to chant in my head



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