Random Takeouts

Trussed in layers, tore
Self from warm interior
To face brisk exterior ~…

Gracefully lying riotous
Colored leaves, fallen
But never from grace

Paprika red, holy ochre
Turning, turned greens, uncurled
Perfection of intricate, mini branches ~

Half a midget car parked
In a tiny space, squeezed
In comfortable harmony ~

Usual suspect dog walker
With unusual breed, tall
Sheep dog, wad of paper, thin ~

Proudly waving union jacks
Accompanying, “in sorry state”
Jack-o-lanterns, waiting for Godot?

Recycle bins awaiting pick up
Bursting with discarded waste
Cardboard boxes, paper

Startling lace panty, in bright yellow
With words “hanky panky” peeping
From the swanky boutique window ~

Kiln dried ready, hot sticks
Bagged for quick pickup, jostling
For space with snowmelt bags ~

Local dads with toddler babies pounding
Pavements in search of breakfast and freshly
Brewed aromatic, Java Joe coffee ~

Christmas stars already hung swing on lamp-posts
Lending holiday air to the winter bustle, all by way
Of a leisurely Saturday in the making, utterly normal ~


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