Quickie Verse

Not what you had in mind
My mind is immaculate
May I, you remind

As feet touched ground
Today, breath belabored took
One painful inhale, at a time

Change of seasons
Does a number every year
Makes me realize, life is dear

I look at leaves on trees beyond fence
All gearing up, readying to denude
And take the Fall in mass suicide

Their leafy brains are not guru washed
Neither are they gullible, they’re merely wise
Know we come for a bit, shine, wilt and die

Having traversed a chunk of the globe literally
And in calendar years, have realized we’re all same
Hardy, foolhardy, exotic, hothouse, variegated, tame

As feet touched ground today
Breath went into labor, every inhale, exhale
Doling out excruciating life affirming pain~


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