Pure, mixed


Trying to gather

Coherence giving

Credence to pure

Unadulterated emotion

Versus mixed

None can replicate

Emotions of pure

Joy when immersed in stream

Of consciousness you meld

Fusing fluidly

Those childhood moments

Of unadulterated whoops of joy

When fervently lisped wishes

Got fulfilled and you skip

In sheer exuberances

Those strange emotions

Coursing clumsily inside

When you first encounter

Raging hormones becoming

Aware of opposite sex

Abject misery of letdowns

Envy, jealousy of bypasses

The preening joy at praises

Crowing at unexpected wins

And pure wonder of joy

At giving birth to new life

Joy of rolling tongue on flavor

Mixes of sweet and sour

And presentations by artsy

Chefs’ medley of flavors

Folded in fruits, essences

Instant gooseflesh and

Respite of deliverance

Pit in belly hollow punches

When loved one cries out in pain

Hand over chest and then sweet

Sighs of relief at false alarms

Emotions are high rollers

Delivering uppers downers

As does destiny with its bag

Of thriller horror mix, and

Am finally learning to go

With the roll of dice

Letting chips fall where they may

Life will go on, death will most

Certainly come, it’s the living

That’s important in my now and

Am staying detached whatever comes ~
*image is from internet*



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