Pulling Rabbits


Pulling Rabbits

In these black cape times
I reverently remove
Split  spliced magical moments
Stolen from time’s reel~

A Nona framed
In bright blue doorway
On an antique worn chair
Crafting lace

Blue façade
Flanked by bright
Yellow and dark peach
Houses on a timeless isle

Fronting house
A toy story bridge
With hanging baskets of flowers
A canal with gondolas plying

In this lazy siesta hour
Alighting from the boat
We entered the witching hour
Fully enchanted by what we saw

Deep blue Mediterranean Sea
With tiny islands laid back cozy
Untouched by crazed race,
After technology rushing

Leisure contentment serenity
Dripped from the air as the quaint
Side streets took us by hand
Leading us to further eye feasts

When life’s heat gets uncomfortable
I find myself in this bird of paradise
Island soaking it its quiet beauty
Cooling mind, stress receding

My world serene
Its all within as
I skillfully steer
Life’s fragile dinghy~

*image is from internet -google images*


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