thirst is a propellant -it is my goad to seek
/slake/further seek / life is but a journey, endless
–    end to end without end verily ~

I’ve had the temerity
to love only you without borders,
unconditionally with every fiber
of my being~  and  yes
you did not ask for it

still when will this test by fire abate ?
when will curved balls cease ?
patience’s fabric is becoming threadbare
even as I bare soul  daily
and yes

you’ll find millions like me
but where will I find one such as you?
I am in your thrall, perpetually
As heart weeps, sings incoherently~

This terrible thirst
Pain of separation
Is a butcher chopping, slicing
Only you can heal, complete
Make whole, incomplete me ~

*image is from internet*


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