Privileged’s Saga

Silver spoons

silver toys

doting nanny

childhood’s decoy


exotic orchid

blue veined

hothouse life

rosy panes


unworldly perspective

imperfect warped

conditioned doll

primed for a fall


red carpeted debutante ball

Daddy’s gal went for a fall

landing in arms of stranger tall

a charming rake on the make


storybook defiance

foolish alliance, severed kin

inheritance as she faced, bereft

love’s downfall when rake up n left


reality’s cold water douche

broke sleeping beauty’s thrall

gathering somnolent wits, decided

To show world, make own destiny


Taking stock of own true worth

Beauty, brains, slim wherewithal

pawned valuable baubles to finance

Own upper drawer finishing school


Chance encounter with an old friend

rescued from last straw, broken back

couple of rough diamonds came inside

determined beauty optimistically  began


molding shaping chiding cajoling

scolding then weepy in arms folding

gradually rough diamonds took shape

their shiny patinas readied for display


Her witty creative mind scripted

A topical socio-comical stage play

To showcase finished “products”

In best possible flattering way


Carefully cultivated, chosen guests

Trooped in for an eclectic evening

Choice hors d’oeuvres and wine

Prepping for unusual evening fine


Graceful moves perfect pirouettes

Honed mannerisms voice delivery

Comical timing and witty repartee

Had audience frequently in stitches


Play was a hit as was finishing school

The privileged fallen from grace lady

Had arrived by dint of own grit, pride

Showing fate she could call own shots


Grieving parents aging grandparents

Finally came around and bore her home

She basked in their love revisiting past

Then left for home n bed of own making











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