Precious Bête Noir- more crow talk

Blanc shirt

Black jacket

black mien

Beady eyes

Beak noir


Beak noir

caws in alert

imminent guest

arrival no jest

reciprocity’s behest



bringing tidings

first heard carried on

wind songs, twanged

on  air waves


easily hopping moats

this and other worlds, its

incessant prompts impregnate

dreams, force gut instincts

to sit up and take notice


disdain too  showed

indicating finer feelings

rowdies also have hearts

just like other creatures, when

grim reaper comes a calling


distinctive in black white

reminiscent of emperor penguin

caws alerts, converses with

the cognizant and the monks

knowing tongues many


jackdaw trickster folk hero

lover of all things shiny

notable as  caregivers of old

infirm parents, a minx, even as

its beak’s shape, considered jinx

** all crow attributes culled from wiki


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