Plucked Moments

Words like autumn
Leaves – are gently

Plucking fate planted
I give each
Another scrutiny

Perfect pirouettes in blue
Suede shoes, keeping time with hip
Sways of mad azure swirl ~

Bootleg pulp fiction devours
Far from watchful eyes
In inky dead of night

Mischievous pranks on clueless
Childhood heartlessness at its horrific
Beastliness, to eke squealing giggles

The tumble and throw
From mightily swung
Swing and broken jaw

Riots of color, general bonhomie in coming
Together of society and being eye witness
To judgment, in real Cinderella story

Uncomplicated life moments
Like dawn’s prismatic dewdrops
Lining delicate sleepy lips of flowers

The unmitigated fear
At first encounter with a cobra
On way to school

Childhood’s maul
At hands of non stranger
Innocent confusion, intact

Beauty and beast reside
In same bodies, learnt
Life lessons, firsthand

Brash, acid tongued
Funnily wry, righting many
Life dealt wrongs, awry, acrimony

Facing gun at point blank, twice
Death many times, shell shocked never
Ever survivor, on quick feet

Death watches, vigils
Ebbing life’s final breaths
Realizing own resilience, strength

Numerous momentous moments
Connecting to that one pure essence
Replete with serene bliss’s incandescence ~

*image via google images


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