playing with “book”-ings


Books with inbuilt “content”
Afford more than a semblance
Of coming home feel
One promising spine in hand
Another sitting eagerly on shelf
Third on order
Balancing one in crook
Of elbow while juggling
Java in fists, sundries
Mostly extrovert by nature, romancing real
“Life” substantially, books too have provided
Fodder for the introvert lurking inside
Alice’s several escape hatches, up sleeves, books have
Put fertile brain thru mental hoops emotional wringers
Before nail biting, fear fraught, poignant photo finishes
Abounding, stiff, pompous characters going by the book
Endearing rogues often scorning threats of “getting booked”
Nimble sleuths adroitly sidestepping via red herring “bookings”
Smorgasbord of spicy plots, McDreamy* galloping tall dark men
Astride pure bred Arab steeds, answer to numerous fledgling pleads
All these and racy whodunits formed rungs of “growing up” ladder
Virtual scenario has drastically made inroads, nay railroaded
Bound books with downloaded virtual bestseller spines and
Even though aging hands love virtual, yet miss holding real books
*Derek Christopher Shepherd, M.D., also referred to as McDreamy, Is a fictional surgeon on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy -actor Patrick Dempsey

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