Pied Piper


basic, as is
perfectly imperfect
I sit before mirror
enhance, highlight
mute, diffuse
until stunningly
beautiful visage
looks back

Impeccably couture’d
I sashay
down my block
wolf whistles, green
open mouthed glances
fall my way
as so many showers
of applause

unfazed I nod head
as due homage
to my artistic skill
aware I dress up
to solely please
my soul beloved
with every fiber
of being

true beauty comes
from acknowledging
what’s under epidermis
living life utterly truthful
unto self and inner
prompts, unburdened
by another’s weighing-in
judgement calls

mighty heart
solely beating, wooing
eternal Pied Piper
every throbbing moment,
every nano time bit
embracing, celebrating
serenading soul with self’s
imperfect perfections

image is from wiki


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