Peeling-less than perfect

Peeling layers

Sediments of time

Life plastered

Experience piled

Carefree feet running

childhood’s streets

Splashing colors of joy

Celebrating festival of Holi*

Eking cracks from wan lips

Cracking jokes playing tricks

Gorging treats wrought by

loving hands for bottomless pits

Restored playful layer

To reveal turbulent teens

Heart’s first leap in mouth

Pulses galloping on the trot

that deliberate elbow jostle

Attached to a handsome devil

Rush of unknown thrills sadly

Destiny aborted time chilled

College years’ first Don Juan

Romeo brash, my blushes, limpet

Got underfoot much to secret joy

To his chagrin, not my cup of tea

Dried roses book marked this peel

Layered secretly, biding time for

That prince charming to emerge

from torrid pages of hot romances

Life proverbial harlequin, unlike

harlequin romances that my heart

hankered for-arranged holy knot

tricking, cookie cutter life began

Pluses minuses upheavals lulls

Rippling life aping side stepped

Chessboard’s knight, pummeled

one twos bestowing layers of grit

dermis epidermis examined felt

tears and scabs swabbed mended

work in progress looking good and

outcome less than perfect is okay too  


*Holi is festival of color -pic is from internet


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