Parody of a Wake

Unexpected storm in teacup expanded

Formed concentric circles in sky banded

Commotion set in motion, mood matching

Strife in home, virulent contagion catching

Repercussions rippled refracted inside

Cracking open sinewy blood ties, untying

Pristine relationships hitherto, now sullying

Emotional tsunami breaking free, hurtling   

Caught unawares at the edge

Absorbing, backed into hedge

Hedge caved hurtling beyond

Ripples, into the black vortex

Malevolent clam eye shucked

Into the dark funnel, plucked

Concentric ripples, chuckled

Stubborn spirit did not buckle

Came to in room of cadavers load

Frosty room, human hors d’oeuvres

My hardy stock demurred, quite averse

To them join, soul went into limpet mode

Family located, rushed, identified cried

Few wondering about will, else implied

Sifting chaff from grain, I thus separated

Biding time before getting self resurrected

Wake, gala affair with my money, nothing lacked

Kin sobbed, rejoiced as thought of fortune jingled

Eulogies, some genuine, crass many, few singled, with

Embalmer’s pact, kept body intact, I made a comeback  

Genuine ties were joyous, wonder struck

The perfidious were mad, thunder struck

Funeral director, rubbed hands, cluck clucked

Chortling, I stepped into my limo and left


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