It has become one of my dearest friends

In fact we are friends from times immemorial…


I cannot pinpoint the exact moment

But it sure was uncomfortable

Floating in the amniotic fluid

And then being cut loose n rudely slapped

On my so very tiny and tender bottom!


Next I crept and crawled in all sorts

Of places in a spirit of adventure

Hurting myself in the process and

Was painfully poked by well-meaning hands

Thus reacquainting myself with my friend!


My teen years were also ignoble

My body had a mind of its own

Much to my consternation and grief

And the unkind remarks passed

By peers and family were quite painful.


Coming of age was another milestone

I had to leave the nest and fend for myself

Fumbling and bungling finally led me

To my first job where I had to jump hoops

To prove my worth Oh so painfully!


Now I have found my equilibrium and family

But my dear friend drops in quite frequently

As pleasure and pain are but the two sides

Of the same coin which is life and one

Invariably follows the other relentlessly!


Old age is no picnic n brings ailments

You are often alone and helpless

It is pretty much painful to move around

Yet you manage counting your days

Praying incoherently but consistently!


Yes, pain is my dear friend

Much loved and embraced fondly….



We can endure an extra pound of pain far more easily than we can suffer the withdrawal of an ounce of accustomed pleasure.- Sydney J Harris




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