Orange Lizard -folktale


It lay supine
On its hind
Abandoned forlorn~
Torn from
Tiny hands    Enticed by ice-cream cone~
Mom’s Fairytale

A good Lizard  Once gave its  Life to save an  Orphan child
Jealous step mother Ugly as sin cajoled Unaware pretty Vera To drink poisoned milk
Delighted hungry child  Stuck out an emaciated arm   When Good Samaritan lizard Leapt to warn
Rattled child let milk cup  Slip from grip, brave lizard  Drowned in poisoned milk  Saving Vera’s life
Chastened Vera, never  Trusted step mom again  Grief stricken she  desperately tried to revive savior in vain
Vera now plays with garden  Lizards, tenderly tending,  Birds come for their share Of love and innocence
That is why lizards change  Color when danger is near And are known as  Chameleons dear~

(on way home from work I saw orange plastic lizard on pavement  and recalled mom’s folklore..)

image is from google


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