One Sided

(picture from Internet)

 One Sided
(Life’s sweet sour moments)


Lopsided, tipped, awry
Wry, not so very funny
Expectations down turning!!

Bleeder crusader lionhearted
Pseudo friendship self-serving
Yet sticking to guns repeatedly

Accepting dished out- patiently
Frustrated burnt hors d’oeuvres
My return serves out of boundary!!

Glutton for punishment willy-nilly
Masks often wholesome disarming
Charmer really not so heart warming

After all- should I change, fake
No-my resolute inner self not fading
One swallow does not a summer make

One false encounter can be too many
Tipped scales will level soon favorably
Making merry, my days remain sunny

Refuse to defuse my feel good feel
No false Zen exuding friend can kill
Implacable serene- hanging on to steel will


Your worst enemy could be your best friend, and your best friend your worst enemy.
Bob Marley
1945-1981, Jamaican Musician – songwriter, guitarist & Activist



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