on whine and wine


early morning “whine” said to me
I know people don’t care for me much
but I can be useful too, you know. Please don’t dismiss
me without my say. Do reflect, on days when you’ve had it
and nothing goes right for you, no one is receptive to your
feelings and unhappiness, then without losing your temper
in an explosion of anger, you can use me “whine” and release
some of the built up pressure, this way you’ll get relief and not
fall to pieces, losing face. Yes I am a poor cousin of pure honest
to goodness anger but I too have my uses. You can pour yourself
a glass of wine to unwind and “whine” for a bit of relief – You can
say I am your “tums” during high voltage emotional dramas”.

I smiled and woke up – weird dream or what!

image is from internet


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