On Reversed Tides

On Reversed Tides

Destiny’s beaten
Slept under ancient tree

Birds hovered
Hooded cobra
Sat vigilance

Temple faithful
Beheld sight in

Fervor’s rush
Led misled, gush
Of fruits and such

Life’s loser forcibly
Turned spiritual guru
By dame luck

Upon coming to
Thief petty found self
Cynosure of fervent eyes

Quick wits and reality’s
Swift grasp led from gasp to
Brash grab of opportunity golden

Furious barter ensued, most
Offerings, soft demands imbued
flexible, inflexible never misconstrued

Luck made good man thief
Then gave a spiritual whitewash
Voila here dwells a man of god

Body is temple of spirit divine
All is within own realm to find
do I speak not of mice and men?
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